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Born in 1997, I‘m a passionate game developer with 4+ years experience developing high quality video games. In recent years, I won many games development competitions, shipped my games and also selling the source codes in AssetStore.


Not only game development, I also experienced in the following things

Data Science

I used machine learning and deep learning to solve particular problems like image classification and analyze massive data. My thesis is also resolve around the use of deep learning method.

Mobile App Development

I have some experience using Android Studio to create relatively simple applications. My app became among the top 3 with the highest downloads number within the final task from my class.

Web Development

I’m interested in web development since when I’m on high school and won many web design competitions. I used to freelance web development services before moving on to game development.



HR Manager

My Startup Story is a simulation game where you, a person who dont get a job after trying to get one for a month, decided to make your very own startup. Luckily, you have a manager that will help you run your startup. The game aims to teach you the basic knowledge and senses to start building your startup in a fun way!


Little Dragon's Story

A game for final project of my diploma program, Little dragon’s story is a survival game where you stranded on mysterious island. The aim is to survive and uncover the mysteries alongside with your little dragon company to strive and help each other. As a player, you can control both the human and the dragon!



My first project that published on Unity AssetStore. InfiniMath is an endless puzzle game that requires your math and logical thinking skills.  Players choose two numbers and the operand that makes the result in the blue squares. Make sure you solve all the numbers before the timer runs out.


“The code is clean and easy to understand. It may serve as example to learn how to build a full game.”

Taras Leskiv

Co-founder, Nineva Studios

“This is an excellent asset with clean and well-commented code!.”

Panagiotis Loukas

Founder, StrigiformGames

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