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Reynold erwandi

Game Developer

Ever since i was a little kid, video games and programming has always been my passion. Ever since writing my first program in Visual Basic and making my own games with RPG Maker, I have been obsessed to solve practical problems and turn my game ideas into reality.

This passion carried me through my education and graduated with bachelor’s degree on computer science at Telkom University as the Best Private University in Indonesia.

So, now, in industry, this passion remains with me. There’s certainly yet more to learn, yet more problems to solve, and yet more to build. And for this, I am very grateful.

I love computer and many things that I can do with it. Making games, websites, editing videos, illustration, art, posters, etc. But these are the top topics that I'm really passionate about!


Video Games is my passion and I'm always striving how to make a good game. I deeply care about game development in general. I always think about the architecture, fun factor, scalability, and game juiciness.



I've always interested in Virtual Reality when I first tried it in my University. Since I've got Oculus Quest 2 when it's released, I'm really passionate experimenting and creating VR experience.



You can already tell that I love Web Design by visiting this web portfolio. I carefully choose the layout, typography, etc to give you the best experience while browsing my portfolio.


Top 3 of Game Development Competition that I’m proud of!

Local / International event that I participated or attended to.

List of events where I invited and participated as Speaker or Mentor.


Gamepangin is a Unity Package which contains various needs and ready-to-use systems that are often used in video game development. It aim so you can focus on what’s matter, make the FUN.

It contains various game design patterns frameworks and also commonly used tools in game development such as Audio Manager, Save Load, Csv To ScriptableObject, etc. It’s my attempt to write Modular, Extendible, and Scalable architecture and tools I’ve built and always use it in all my projects.

See features and how to use it in Gamepangin Documentation

Joyseed Wars

As part of my graduation from Joyseed Gametribe, I made a 20 online co-op game where we use our own avatar in company as the playable heroes in the game. Each with their unique skills and divided into 3 roles: DPS, Tank, and Healer. We must strategize while trying to take down the corrupted seed to bring back JoyWorld into peace again.

Role: Solo Project
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Project Length: 2 weeks


GEMOY (Game from Enol to Moyi) is an online multiplayer experimental game that I created for Moyi, hence the title. It’s a 2 players game where it takes you to an adventurous journey beyond the atmosphere.
It’s a special project for a special person.

Some of the features that I did and experimented in this game is multiplayer using Photon Fusion, integrate MMD characters and motion, audio analyzer and song synchronization, unity cinemachine, unity timeline, hair and skirt physics, shaders effect, and many more.

Role: Solo Project
Platforms: PC (Windows/Mac)
Project Length : 1 Month

Light of Eden

Light of Eden is a roguelike action game focusing on experimenting and casting destructive spells to defeat swarms of enemies. In this project, my role as lead programmer is to build the system architecture, breakdown tasks, communicate between lead of other divisions, and also implement features for the game.

Fight your way to destroy swarm of corrupted souls. Use cool and powerful magic as your mass destruction weapon bestowed from the Gods of Eden. Level up your character to get more skill and define your playstyle to be the most powerful magician. Start your wizard journey in this roguelike adventure!

Role: Lead Programmer
Platforms: Mobile (Android)


Kingdomtopia is the first project I worked on at Joyseed Gametribe. Leading it’s technical side from gameplay mechanic to implement 3rd party services such as iAP, Ads, and Analytics.

After living peacefully for years, Kingdomtopia, a medieval animal kingdom is invaded by an unknown enemy. This war left the entire kingdom in ruins and even led the death of the King.

Along with your trusted advisor, Pug, play as a fledgling new king to rebuild your father’s kingdom back to its glory days. Restore districts, renovate and expand your empire to bring peace and prosperity to your loyal citizens.

Role: Programmer
Platforms: Mobile (iOS/Android)

Artifact keeper

Artifact Keeper is a game that I made for Games From Data Game Jam. It’s 3 days game jam to make a game which utilize cultural data as part of the gameplay. This game become the finalist of top 3 games from all the games that participated in the game jam.

Artifact Keeper is a shopkeeper simulation game. Craft useful equipment to keep your business running, decorate your own shop, find rare materials, and hunt treasures for a chance of getting legendary artifact based on real world items!

This project used cultural data from our GLAM partners, Museum Pasifika. The painting of Marketplace of Village Banyuwangi by A. A. Joseph Payen is used as one of the artifact available to get in the game.

Role: Solo Project
Platforms: Mobile/PC
Project Length: 3 Days

My startup Story

The game that I made and won at 1st place on HR Global Game Competition (HRGGC), a global game competition with the theme about teaching human resources in a fun way!

Little fact, this is the biggest competition that I won, granted me with 2.000$ prize. This game became the stepping stone for my next projects because it’s allow me to build better and faster PC.

My Startup Story is a simulation game where you, a person who don’t get a job after trying to get one for a month, decided to make your very own startup. Luckily, you have a manager that will help you run your startup. The game aims to teach you the basic knowledge and senses to start building your startup in a fun way!

Role: Solo Project
Platforms: PC
Project Length: 1 Month

Game Lokal

Game Lokal is a listings website that I made specifically for Indonesian Game Developer. You can promote your games, talents, or even jobs so many people can find what they need easily all in one place.

visit: https://gamelokal.com

Taras Leskiv
Nineva Studios

The code is clean and easy to understand. It may serve as example to learn how to build a full game.

Panagiotis Loukas

This is an excellent asset with clean and well-commented code!

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